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"You got to be an optimist to be an activist. You got to believe that things are going to get better. And sometimes you know the way that I describe the campaign for the South Central Farm, It's kind of like when Mandela was in jail, you couldn't really see him anymore but he was alive in the hearts and minds of the people. And I think the South Central Farm is alive in the hearts and minds and the spirit of a lot of people. - Activist, John Quigley


Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone's career as an actress has included a guest spot on The Wonder Years (1998), the lead role in The Crush (1993), and the role of "Cher" in Amy Heckerling's Clueless (1995). Silverstone has used her celebrity to draw attention to animal welfare and environmental issues.

She became a vegan in 1998 after attending an animal rights meeting. "I realized that I was the problem," she told InStyle Home in spring 2007. "I was an animal lover who was eating animals." In 2004, Silverstone was voted "Sexiest Female Vegetarian" by PETA. In 2007, Silverstone appeared nude in a print advertisement and a 30-second commercial for PETA championing vegetarianism, and the TV spot. Silverstone set up a sanctuary for rescued pets in Los Angeles.

Amy Smart
Actress Amy Smart has appeared in such films as Varsity Blues (1999), Road Trip (2000). The Butterfly Effect (2004). Starsky & Hutch (2004), Just Friends (2005), Crank (2006), and Crank: High Voltage (2009).

According to an interview with Stacie Stukin in Natural Health, Smart began working on environmental issues at the age of 18, when she volunteered for the Santa Monica, CA.-based Heal the Bay's Speakers Bureau, taking a message of ocean preservation education into the community. She also co-founded the Environmental Media Association's (EMA) School Gardens Program, a program that provides resources for organic vegetable gardens in Los Angeles urban schoolyards.

Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah first notable role came as the acrobatic and violent replicant, Pris, in Ridley Scott's 1982 science fiction classic Blade Runner. She then was cast as a blonde mermaid in Ron Howard's 1984 fantasy Splash, which starred Tom Hanks and was a major financial success, establishing Hannah as a high-profile film actress.

For many years, Hannah, has been an active and high profile environmentalist, with her own weekly video blog called DHLoveLife on sustainable solutions. She is often the sound recordist, camera person and on-screen host for the blog. Her home runs on solar power and is built with green materials. She drives a car that runs on biodiesel. In late 2006, she volunteered to act as a judge for Treehugger.com's "Convenient Truths" contest. On December 4, 2008, Hannah joined Sea Shepherd's crew aboard the MV Steve Irwin, as part of Operation Musashi. On June 13, 2006, Hannah was arrested for her involvement with over 350 farmers, their families and supporters, confronting authorities trying to bulldoze the nation's largest urban farm in South Central Los Angeles. She chained herself to a walnut tree at the South Central Farm for three weeks to protest the farmers' eviction by the property's new owner. The farm had been established in the wake of the 1992 LA riots to allow people in the city to grow food for themselves. However, the land's new owner, who had paid $5 million for it, sought to evict the farmers to build a warehouse. He had asked for $16 million to sell it but turned down the offer when the activists raised that amount. Hannah was interviewed via cell phone shortly before she was arrested, along with 44 other protesters, and said that she and the others are doing the "morally right thing." She spent some time in jail.

Hannah has also worked to help end sexual slavery and has been traveling around the world to make a documentary. Hannah was among 31 people arrested on June 23, 2009 in a protest against mountaintop removal in southern West Virginia, part of a wider campaign to stop the practice in the region. The protesters, who also included NASA climate scientist James E. Hansen, were charged with obstructing officers and impeding traffic after they sat in the middle of State Route 3 outside Massey Energy's Goals Coal preparation plant on Tuesday, The Charleston Gazette reported. In a Democracy Now! phone interview on June 24, 2009, Hannah spoke briefly on why she went to West Virginia and risked arrest.

John Quigley
John Quigley is an activist, environmental educator and artist whose human aerial art images for peace, social justice and the environment have appeared in publications and media outlets around the world.

Julia Butterfly Hill
For 738 days, Julia Butterfly Hill lived in the canopy of an ancient redwood tree, called Luna, to help make the world aware of the plight of ancient forests. Her courageous act of civil disobedience gained international attention for the redwoods as well as other environmental and social justice issues and is chronicled in her book "The Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman, and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods." She is a co-founder of the Engage Network and is the inspiration behind What's Your Tree."