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"For me the South Central Farm represents something that's possible for our entire country, a place where our cities become more livable so people stop leaving cities in order to live. Where we have sustainable and localized food sources, where we have places for community to come gather, to celebrate, to eat, to garden together. If it can happen in South Central Los Angeles, it can happen anywhere."
– Activist, Julia Butterfly Hill

SAVE THE FARM tells the story of the largest urban farm in the United States, a 14-acre organic farm sitting right in the middle of South Central Los Angeles. Over 350 families cultivated this farm, which fed the community through a farmer's market and created an urban oasis for more than 14 years. But when the city sells this public tract of land to a developer in a closed door session, activists and celebrities stage an 11th hour tree sit to try and save the farmers from eviction.

Although this film depicts one local story, filmmaker Michael Kuehnert demonstrates that protecting green spaces and urban farming is a successful solution for local, affordable organic food in cities everywhere and an important building block for a sustainable future.


WINNER, MARK HASLAM AWARD - Planet in Focus Film Festival (Toronto) 2010
WINNER, BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY - Cleveland Film Festival 2011
WINNER, SPECIAL JURY PRIZE - USA Film Festival in Dallas (May 1, 2011)

Black Hills Film Festival
Blue Planet Film Festival
Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Heartland Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival
New Orleans Film Festival
San Francisco Green Film Festival
St. Louis Film Festival
Topanga Film Festival (not in competition)
Vancouver Film Festival
Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary Short Film Tulsa International Film Festival
Winner, Special Jury Prize, Nashville Film Festival
Winner, Awareness Film Festival, Short Film Award